Midi Controller


MU MIDI Controller  v.2.6

Music Unfolding MIDI Controller is a software MIDI controller.

Qualm - Live MIDI Controller  v.0.3

Qualm is a real-time MIDI event processor, ideal for performing automatic patch changes during live theatrical performances.


Bitstream 3X Configuration software  v.1 5

Bitstream 3X is the latest MIDI controller from Wave Idea, discover here its amazing features : -35 knobs - 8 sliders - 16 buttons -Dual axis analog joystick -Ribbon controller -Cross-fader -Endless encoder -Foot switch input -7 curve models per con

Arduino MIDI Library  v.3.2

This library allows you to easily send and receive MIDI messages on the Arduino serial port.

Rock Band 2 MIDI  v.0.17

Rock Band 2 MIDI (rb2midi) is a little software can help you to use your Rock Band 2 drums as a convenient MIDI controller for your digital audio workstation, and there didn't seem to be any freely available program to make this easy to do.

The Grid

TheGrid is unlike any Midi software program you have ever used. TheGrid turns the controllers you already have on your computer (keyboard and wheel mouse) into a very expressive and unique Midi controller. Based on our unique X/Y controller you utilize

M3 Audio Unit  v.1.1

M3 is an Audio Unit distortion plugin effect with two wave shapers, two parametric EQs, a delay and an envelope/MIDI controlled formant wah section.

OttoVibe  v.1.0

OttoVibe is an auto/touch effect with MIDI control.

SampliTron  v.1.1

SampliTron is a virtual software sampler instrument designed for live play. It can be controlled via the computer keyboard or with an external MIDI device. It includes a library of high-quality .WAV samples.


Vimidi is a standalone windows application that allows you to use your mouse and keyboard as a MIDI controller. It works by monitoring mouse and keyboard activity system-wide and converting your actions to MIDI messages. There are 3 types of controllers

Paddy for Lightroom  v.2.0

Paddy radically improves the workflow in Lightroom 3.2 by allowing you to assign any adjustment setting - including moving the sliders and applying a preset - to keyboard keys, your number keypad, external keypads, or a MIDI controller.

Cross DJ  v.1. 5. 2004

CROSS DJ is MixVibes' MAC/PC DJ software that helps you control your music with your computer's keyboard & mouse or with a DJ MIDI controller.

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